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2nd Year Fashion Designer
Companion Device

A starry-eyed dreamer from the countryside, Quintella is everyone's best friend.

Meet Quintella


2nd Year Magitech Engineer
Companion Device

The Academy's resident heartthrob, Clerkie has all the attention... but he only has eyes for his robots.

Meet Clerkie


1st Year Hologames Tactician
Companion Device

Slacker by day, ranked demon by night. Felix is a quintessential gamer with something to prove.

Meet Felix


1st Year Magitech Researcher
Companion Device

A quirky girl with an obsession for technology and a quite literally larger-than life personality.

Meet Sophia


1st Year Alliance Officer
Companion Device

Reina's charismatic personality would be charming... if she wasn't always dragging you out to her next club event.

Meet Reina

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